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Garden ants in February would be a little unusual normally. Apparently not according to some residents in Merton. And their not the only ones that reported early sightings of ants this year. In fact over the last ten years seeing the summer insect earlier in the year has become quite common. Reports have been coming in to various pest control companies as early as February over the last few years and that’s not all. They are also lasting longer in the year not dying out until November in some reports. This is probably due to the unusual switch from extreme cold to unseasonably warm weather in late winter and the longer, warm (but not always sunny!) summers that we have experienced in the last few years. This has confused the poor garden ant in to emerging early in some areas of Merton and although the weather forecast is unpredictable, it is reasonably safe to say that the world seems to be getting warmer for longer spells.

Garden ants are more of a nuisance pest rather than a public health one, even so you still would not want to chew into your lunch and find some uninvited guests dining with you would you!

Garden ants tend to live and burrow outside in gardens and under
Paved areas such as patios. They will travel in to your house through the tiniest of gaps in the wall or in your window frames, in the search of any sugary food stuffs that may not have been cleared away completely.

So the best way to prevent the ants from causing a nuisance is to make sure everything in your home, or workplace, is as clean as possible. If they do manage to get in and become a problem, call a pest control company for some advice and help, because it looks like the ants are going to be arriving earlier and earlier.

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