Ant Control in Merton

Ant Control Merton


There are a million ants for every person in the world and concurrently weigh more than all the people! The ants we may see in Merton are generally pharaohs ants, which live indoors and garden ants which nest outdoors. Ants are very social creatures and make a complex hierarchy, whereby different ants have precise duties.

Colonies contain worker ants, which are sterile female ants, drones, which are fertile males, and queens. The ants you observe in Merton are worker ants, foraging from the nest for food. They travel along well delineated trails, leaving scent trails. Ants cause serious damage when they excavate around and under concrete paths or cobblestones, causing cracks.


Getting rid of ants is a difficult job for anyone. In one colony alone there can be millions of ants. All our technicians use a variety of ant treatments to remove the ants from your home so you can be sure that none will survive. And to make sure no ants can find their way back in, we have ongoing support and checkup service available. Contact us today to speak to our friendly Merton team.

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