Flea Control Merton


flea control Merton


Fleas are blood sucking insects. That is their life substance and how they survive and procreate. They have a type of saliva that they use so that when they bite down into the flesh of its host it cannot feel it and it can feast without disturbance. Unfortunately some hosts in Merton, especially humans, are allergic to this saliva.


As a result of that allergy, which can vary in severity from host to host, the fleas leave a small raised bump that can become infuriatingly itchy. These parasites must have a host to survive and unfortunately any warm blooded mammal or even bird can fall prey to its ferocious feeding habits.


Our flea removal team can offer you a complete Flea Removal Service in Merton and surrounding areas. We deal in all aspects of prevention and eradication of fleas for your London home

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