Mouse Control Merton

Mouse control Merton


The mouse in Merton is often an easy prey for little mammals, birds and reptiles. Due to this the mouse usually does not reside for much longer than a couple of months in the wild, mostly because the mouse is such an easy prey for numerous mammals and birds.


In Merton mice are considered pests, through impairing and consuming plantings and dispersing infections through their parasites and feces. It is because of the pest difficulties initiated by mice, that household cats are considered to have been presented into households to catch the mice.


The gestation time span in female mice is less than a month, and the female mouse has an litter size of about six baby mice, it is common for the litter to be over six. The baby mice are known as pups and these mice pups are born with no hair and with their eyes and ears closed. Mouse offspring are weaned when they are round three weeks old.


One of our friendly, experienced mice control team could visit your Merton home and start getting rid of your mice problems right now! As mice feed at numerous places, we will install a giant number of baiting points. This bait will be provided in tamper proof bait stations in discreet areas, We provide ongoing contracts for the management and protection against future infestations.

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