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The most common wasp in Merton is the yellow jacket wasp. They are one of the most common pests in London. Wasps feed on spiders and insects. They will also feed on human food, particularly meats and sweets. Unlike bees, wasps do not generate honey or store food. Wasp like to be where humans live. They build nests in trees, shrubs and in holes in walls and they are fond of lofts and attics too. Most yellow jacket colonies simply remain active for one year.

The queen flurries off to commence a new colony. The remaining bees die in the drop and the nest is abandoned. Look for yellow jacket nests during the day, because you can spot them flying in and out of their nest. Wasp are very common in Merton. Wasps assist farmers by eating pests that can destroy crops. They are life imperilling because they can sting multiple times, injecting venom into the host. For most of the population a yellow jacket sting just causes a welt and temporary distress, but their sting can start allergic reactions to population sensitive to this venom.


We provide complete wasp and wasps nest removal all throughout Merton. Our technicians only use the most effective methods and we will carry out the eradication of the wasp and wasp nests with as little interruption to your everyday life as possible.

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