Squirrel Control Merton

Squirrel Control Merton


In Merton grey squirrels are the main species of squirrels that causes problems. Grey squirrels are approximately 25cm in length, their tail is around 20cm long, grey in colour with a much paler chest. Their back shows a gingery-brown patch and sometimes this extends down the sides of the body.


Thier bushy tail can be a mixture of grey, gingery-brown and black. The sides of the face are often a brown colour and the eyes are black. Grey squirrels are tree dwellers, they will readily approach gardens of houses close to wooded areas, looking for food. They feed on nuts, acorns, berries and fruits from trees. They have been known to take bird eggs and baby eggs from nests too.


Squirrels can be a huge problem if they overtake your garden or your MertonĀ home. They can cause damage to your home by chewing through furniture and your electrical wiring. Our squirrel control team are fully qualified and trained to eradicate your squirrel problem in the Merton area.


We can either trap the squirrel or use a bait. We offer a very fast punctual service and have treated numerous squirrel infestations in the London area. Squirrels are a progressively widespread difficulty and we are completely trained and skilled and always up to date on the newest methods for settling squirrel pest issues. We only use humane squirrel removal treatments.

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