Moth Control Merton

Moth Control Merton


Many moths in Merton are protectively tinted to match their backgrounds: their patterns may precisely resemble, for example, certain lichens or the bark of certain trees. Many other moths have large, eyelike markings on the hind wings that are considered to scare predators.

Moths undergo a entire metamorphosis, from egg through larva and pupa to adult. Moth larvae, or caterpillars, are wingless and wormlike, with a strip of straightforward eyes on either edge of the body. Many manage large impairment, for example the bee moth, the codling moth, the gypsy moth, the clothes moth, and the cutworm.

The pupa of most moths is defended by a cocoon, constructed by the larva just before pupating. The cocoon is often made wholly or mostly of silk; the cocoon of the tame silkworm moth is the source of financial silk. Some moths in Mertonmake a cocoon of morsels of timber or of a leaf, bound simultaneously with silk; some pupate underground.


We are able to deal with your moth problem using several methods that are safe and effective. Our technicians will eradicate your moth problems and then advise you on which method of proofing works best and carry out the proofing if required in your Merton home. Contact us today to speak to our friendly team for a free quote.

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