Rat Control Merton

rat control Merton


Rats disturbing domestic households is a problem for some homes in Merton. Rats have brownish fur, a yellowish-white belly and a scaly tail. Adult rats usually weigh between 10 and 18 ounces and can come to extents up to 18 inches, from nose to tail. The rat lives for six months up to a year. The rodent is a gnawing animal.


Rats do certainly like to grind their teeth because their front incisors augment five inches a year. The teeth are mighty, applying up to 24,000 pounds of force per rectangle inch. This permits rats to chew right through timber, skeletal part, lead pipes, clay brick, solid, even slim parts of metal. Rats can consume a third of their heaviness in nourishment a day.


Unlike other rodents, rats have a powerful thirst and need for water up to 1 ounce a day. Rats have poor eyesight after three or four feet, compelling them to depend on their highly-developed senses of smell, hearing and touch. Female rats have litters of six to 12 young are born 21 to 23 days after conception. Young rats are absolutely unaligned at about four weeks and come to reproductive maturity at three months of age.


We provide a safe, efficient and fair priced rat control service in Merton. All of our technicians that will be visiting your home are fully qualified and well experienced in all aspects of rat control. We will help you get your beautiful Merton home back in no time.


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