Bed Bug Control Merton

bed bug control Merton


Bed bug eggs are approximately the dimensions of two grains of salt. After hatching the young bed bugs (nymphs) are approximately 1mm long and transparent. Nymphs go through 5 different stages before they become an adult, each level requires a blood meal. Adult bed bugs are approximately the dimensions of an apple grain.

Adult bed bugs in Merton are brownish red and relatively smooth, unless they are engorged from a modern blood meal, which will make them appear more full and rounded.

Once pregnant one female bed bug can easily become 30,000 within six months which in not something you want in your Merton home. Bed bugs are primarily nocturnal. They hide within any cracks or crevices most commonly in mattresses, container springs, bed frames, headboards, rear baseboards, and wallpaper, no gap is too small really. Bed bugs only need to feed every three to seven days


A full treatment of the furnishings and room can be carried out by one of our highly trained and experienced bed bug controller in the Merton area. It often takes several hours to correctly examine and get rid of a bed bug infestation and follow-up visits are usually required. We will locate where the bed bugs hide and then treat the area with a reduced hazard insecticide made for this purpose.


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